PMP Sample Tests


Full Length 200 Questions 4 Hour Long PMP Sample Tests

Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

As Close to the Real Exam as possible

  • Difficulty Level similar to the actual exam
  • Questions distribution comparable to the actual exam
  • Exam length is 4 hours exactly as actual exam
  • Mark questions for review just like actual exam
  • Continuous 4 hours exam with no time stop just like actual exam
  • Detailed explanation of answers for each question


PMP Sample Tests
Each PMP Sample Test is 200 Questions 4 Hours Long    –    Detailed Explanation of Answers for 3 Tests
PMP Mock Test # 1        (200 Questions) $14.99 15 days access
PMP Mock Test # 1 – 3   (600 Questions) $34.99 30 days access
PMP Mock Test # 1 – 5  (1,000 Questions) $49.99 60 days access
PMP Mock Test # 1 – 9  (1,800 Questions) $89.99 90 days access

There are two areas to focus when preparing for the PMP exam. One is to understand the concepts and the second is to practice. The best way to practice is to take PMP sample tests and go through hundreds and even thousands of questions. Build stamina to sit for four hours to take the exam. Practice to get familiar with type of questions and simply reduce chances of making blunders on the actual exam.

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