Jan 072013

Almost 90% of the course participants feedback that we have received mentions that they found the real life examples extremely helpful in understanding complex concepts. It had made it easier for them to retain the knowledge because they can relate back to the example that was shared during the training session.

There are three kind of learners…

  • Some people learn really well when listening to others and/or reading some material on their own
  • Others learn extremely well through models, diagrams, and/or pictures
  • Yet others need to walk through a real life example or actually do it themselves to learn it

Depending on the type of training, we use these various techniques in different mix to help course participants understand and retain the material so they can meet their objectives for which the training was undertaken. We have developed a simple strategy to engage course participants. There are four things we try to do.

  1. Walk through the concept
  2. Provide a real life example to show how the concept was applied
  3. Encourage course participants to recall their experiences and share with the class
  4. Ask probing questions to encourage participants to think deeper into real reasons or causes of certain things happening

We have observed overwhelming success in using this process to keep participants interested in the material and help them grasp those complex ideas.

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