Dec 072011

I've recently taken a Project Management course where Mr. Daud Nasir taught the class for three months.
Mr. Nasir has in depth knowledge of project management as he explained complex concepts very well to students. He has hands on experience in project management and therefore he can explain various subjects with much ease. He would give examples from various sectors to create interest for everyone in the class as students had backgrounds in engineering, business, manufacturing, and IT. He would explain knowledge areas and link the processes to give a broader picture of a project.
Mr. Nasir takes keen interest in the subject as he explain in depth to everyone in the class. He asks questions to make sure that everyone participates in the class and takes students' input to broaden discussion in the class. He is detailed oriented and encourages challenges for better results. He is very passionate to learn and deliver to others.
Mr. Nasir has an excellent time management and communication skills. He ensures to cover planned topics in the given time with full energy. He is always available to discuss after class and it is very easy to approach him. I believe that his knowledge in the subject matter and passion to learn make him an excellent teacher. I will be happy to take another course with him.


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